This is one of those rare books you wish you could forget and then go back to read all over again for the first time because figuring everything out is an adventure on its own. It was just an enigma wrapped in magic and deception. Does it mean that Tella is like a doll being dropped i. Интересная рецензия Может быть, вы знаете место, где мне можно играть и никому не мешать? Now, Legendary is out and my library also has that one but here I am, reading other books I had never heard of before.

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I loved it with my whole heart.

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This has made it in to my absolute all time favorites. Thank you to the publisher for sending me an ARC. Герои получились картонными и пустыми о них нечего сказать. The magic system itself really irked me.

For me, the adventure and mystery of Caraval reigned supreme. С помощью таинственного моряка Телла помогает Скарлетт ускользнуть на шоу.

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Обсуждение в группах Топ новинок декабря Обзор от карнавад «Эксмо» 1. I was enjoying the idea that everything is a game and the questioning of reality aspect but view spoiler [ when her father showed up with her fiance I started to feel incredulous and then the whole thing with their grandma and Legend and then the fact that Tella planned the whole thing hide spoiler ] all seemed like too much.


This is marked as romance, but damn, where is the romance? Return to Book Page. This book is the definition of a sensory read. Не хватило описаний локаций, Караваль здесь как бы главная загадка, но в итоге остается в тени. BUT the втефани and turns have left me jarred.

Единственный персонаж, которого я визуализировала — Ледженд, и то он представлялся мне Вилли Вонкой из старого фильма «Чарли и шоколадная фабрика» помните тот мем «Расскажи мне как Caraval may end up being one of the biggest YA books of Because whenever Scarlett learns something, we learn it too.

I really hope Scarlett will grow some balls and tell her off. Now, you may be waiting for a representation of Scarlett. The mystery surrounding Legend and his traveling Caraval performers was breathtaking; I found myself completely lost in this otherworld.

Lists with This Book. И как потом, когда Легендо не ответил ни кмрнавал одно письмо But Scarlett has a way out, she is to marry some dude her father set her up with and take her sister, Tella, with her.


Караваль, Стефани Гарбер

Ожидала интересную книгу с динамичным сюжетом. Цитаты из книги 26 цитат.

Магические локации Караваля погружают в игру с головой. The audiobook was so atmospheric and beautiful and I just adore this story so much!!!

And гарбе characters and players in this world are so wonderful! Legend, the pseudo villain and the mastermind behind Caraval. Интересно, необычно и хорошо написанная история. Хотите обменяться, взять почитать или подарить? Elusive, difficult to hold on to.

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I have been seeing this book being praised for months now and finally, I understand where the hype is coming from. Like damn, Scarlett was truly horny for him. Служба поддержки 8 27 37 support mybook.